Entry #30

Art theft

2012-06-29 00:15:44 by R-4347

I have been on newgrounds for almost three years now and when i look at the art in the art portal im not quite happy with what i have been seeing. most of the art in the ary gallary look stolen even the adult rated art looks stolen people now are coming up with ways to remove unwanted markings from pictures movies and games and putting thair names on it and posting it to websites
that make fame just to let you know some art that are in this website were maybe stolen from other websites to fool people into liking it i have been to websites that have the same art and with the name of the website and the name of the artest and when i got to another website the name is diffrent with the same picture. just to let you all know i think that half of the art on newgrounds were maybe from other websites or they were taken by camera in was added with color.

NOTES:This is what i think of the arts on newgrounds not what i know.



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