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Video Games Are Hard Video Games Are Hard

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Im working on a 3d of my own but this wasnt really interesting.

Erline 4: The limbo Erline 4: The limbo

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I watched the making of this game on youtube, it was made out of yoyo game maker, looks great too.

Frozennnn responds:

Thanks for the feedback

Sexy Flight Attendant Sexy Flight Attendant

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Physics Ball Challenge Physics Ball Challenge

Rated 3 / 5 stars

it was okay but the only thing its missing is a crosshair, i cant tell if im aiming directly at the targets,

david123dav123 responds:

I did that intentionally so it can be more of a challenge or you can aim down sights by holding right mouse click

Juliet Fall 3D Juliet Fall 3D

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like how you used unity3d to make this game, but it would be better if you added a skybox. Im really interested on knowing what software did you use to make the character? i tried using daz3d to make a few but it kept shutting down on me. this is an amazing game and i hope you add some improvement on it to make it better.

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Speed Rally Pro - Unity Speed Rally Pro - Unity

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i like this, i use unity too but im not so good at using it would be best if there was a botton to help drift in hard turns, like the spacebar or something but this was good, did you know that you can import assets and models from sketchup oh and by the way theres a website that allows you to create 3D characters and models for games and animations its called daz3D just go to the website and download it its free just like sketchup oh and can you message me your email i need your help on using unity so i can make this game. daz3d and sketchup freezes on me but im sure it'll work for you. youre welcome :)

Block Squad (mp Fps Beta) Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is an amazing game but did you know you can download assets from sketchup3D and use them as models for you game, i use unity too and i have made a grand theft auto like game but i dont know how to upload it. message me if you wanna know some more unity secrets. BTW the game was extremely laggy fix that please.

AidenStudios responds:

Yes , actually most of the maps in the game are from sketchup. You need the pro edition. Just go to export and select 3d model. (and the lag might be your PC, try changing the video settigns.)

Sweet Spot Paintings Sweet Spot Paintings

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heres where all of the sweet spots are located

painting 1: In the middle of here cleavage
painting 2: The butt of her rifle
painting 3: The red bottle to the left
painting 4: You see the church tower all the way in the back? Click on the window in the with the green roof
painting 4: Click on her left feet.
painting 5: See the soldier with the black suit black hat? click on his hat.
painting 6: Click on the blonde lady left nipple.
painting 7: See the table next to the guy sitting in the chair? click on the glass with the drinks in it.
painting 8: Click on her lips or nose.
painting 9: This ones gonna be hard to find, on the second row of trees the one in front, slide your cursor up the roots until it turns into a finger ( its there dont go anywhere else just look there)
painting 10: Click on the little moon on the upper left corner.
painting 11: On starry night click on the little pointy tower looking thing in the back, you cant miss it.
painting 12: On the sixth guy close to the end, click on his little white tie, he should be looking at the seventh guy.
painting 13: The guy holding the spoon, click on his thumb on the other hand.
painting 14: click the ring shaped thing on the boys waist.
painting 15: ur fucked on this one but, on the castle that looks like a birthday cake ummm, it looks like there are seven floors going up soo on the second floor go all the way to the right and you will see a door or window and move the cursor over it and click on it.
painting 16: Ok this might be hard so next to the guy with the horns look on the left side of him and you will see a face not to far, move your cursor to the first face and click.
painting 17: You see the guy wearing all black on this picture? click on the red cross on his chest.
painting 18: If you look all the way to the right next to the man with the white hat is a guy holding a knife, click on the hand holding the knife.
painting 19: your gonna have trouble on this one but if you look at the lower branches carfullu move you cursor to the sixth one and try and get that cursor to turn and to a finger if it does than click.
painting 20: If you look closely you will see a guy wearing a white shirt reaching out his arm, click on his hand.
painting 21: click on the old lady ear.
painting 22: you're really fucked on this one so ummm move your cursor around the upper left corner of the screen going down until it turns into a finger ( stay in that area)
painting 23: If you look abobe that tree you will see two windows, click on the second one next to the first one.

And there, i hope you found all of the sweet spots, now here are the answers to the questions (Even if you get the question wrong you"ll still get a dirty picture ;D).

Question 1: Sleeping
Question 2: Liberty
Question 3: serving drinks
Question 4: The 3rd of 1808
Question 5: Stars
Question 6: Nightmare
Question 7: A storm
question 8: Flowers
Question 9: Witches
Question 10: Unknown

Heres how you get the bonus gallary, just skip all the paintings ( Its just old people, well not to old but still sexy...Right?)

Okay now heres how you get the ass gallary this is for the quiz though do it the way i tell you
(Get the answer wrong and after that question get the next question right)
Question 1: wrong
Question 2: right
Question 3: wrong
Question 4: right
Keep going like that one after the next.

I dont know how to get the other galleries but i hope this was helpful to you, oh and enjoy wacking off to the pictures, they are really hot.

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The Snake Game Flash The Snake Game Flash

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My score was 4715 you can play this game on youtube when you see that spinning ball quickly press the arrow keys and a line will for a moving line and there will be dots flashing but in order to see them the screen needs to be black or a dark color.

Stealth Pervert Stealth Pervert

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i only got 12 skirts at the begining fun game i like it.