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Art theft

2012-06-29 00:15:44 by R-4347

I have been on newgrounds for almost three years now and when i look at the art in the art portal im not quite happy with what i have been seeing. most of the art in the ary gallary look stolen even the adult rated art looks stolen people now are coming up with ways to remove unwanted markings from pictures movies and games and putting thair names on it and posting it to websites
that make fame just to let you know some art that are in this website were maybe stolen from other websites to fool people into liking it i have been to websites that have the same art and with the name of the website and the name of the artest and when i got to another website the name is diffrent with the same picture. just to let you all know i think that half of the art on newgrounds were maybe from other websites or they were taken by camera in was added with color.

NOTES:This is what i think of the arts on newgrounds not what i know.


why do we go to church and pray to someone that we have never seen before never talked to and never did anything good.people say that a man named god made the heavens and the earth other people say that mankind created everything around us if there was a god then he would come down to his planet every year to greet the people of the land but since there was a movie and books god and jesus are more popular then anything else in this world even man made things.but like all other books and movies that have people we never seen before in real life are just made by other people just to become famous are known for something so also the person who wrote the bible 1,000,000 years ago must of wrote it for a little night time story or just for a good book to be reed to past time so my answer no i dont beleave in god,jesus or heaven but if you have anything to say leave a comment below.


2011-09-03 21:36:29 by R-4347

ill be making me a newgrounds radio chat some time later but this chat is diffrent it lets you play flash games and watch movies while you are chating with your buddies it has good audio were you can type in the adress of the music you want to listin to change the size of your text and also fight the person that you hate in the chat room the chat has its own bot so anyone with rude act's will get banned from the chat or kicked out there are diffrent chat rooms like the game room fun room sex room and also the best one the girls or boys room i just hope you all like it when it comes out.

in the past years iv been seeing alot of people making post about diffrent websites that have multiplayer adventure and that lets you build stuff some of these websites i have never been two but this is hwta i think of the

ROBLOX:roblox is a website i think that tells lies to people when i first saw roblox its said that you would get to niuld awsome games and platforms and that sir is bull crap roblox says that in able to biuld things you will have to join the buildersclub pay with credit card for the amount of days you want can you do that by your self? no

BLOCKLAND:i have no idea how the hell i get an acount on that website

MINDCRAFT:have never been there but the grapics are nice indeed cuz all you get is a place full of box's but i hope its better then all roblox and block land cuz i willing to try it out

these websites say that thay let you make free online games but im not really sure about what thay mean when thay say"free"but i hope you people can tell me what you think and witch is better thank you and have a good day. :)

game inventions

2011-07-23 17:00:11 by R-4347

there are alot of video game system out there that all of us people like so i just wanted to know if you could come up with any video game invention what would you call it and were would you put it

NOTES:i got my own inventions the are about to be put in store in 2012

holy shit......

2011-07-23 01:09:46 by R-4347

today i took a bottle of axe and sprayed it under my ares then i was thinking what would happen if i spray axe in my pants under my balls so after thinking for a while i sprayed the can of axe under my balls and then it started burning part of my balls it was like fire under my penis and when i look down at my balls all of the hair started to ture white just to let you guys know never spray a can of axe in you're pants bad idea but if you atempt to do it tell me how it felt..

what do you think

2011-07-04 01:33:19 by R-4347

if you could make any nukeclear bomb what would you call it and were would you drop it?

what do you think

my pet spiders web

2011-07-02 00:05:33 by R-4347

this is the kind of spider web that my wedow makes.

my pet spiders web

my spider pet 3

2011-07-01 23:42:06 by R-4347

this one spider i dont really like becouse it shots out to much webs on me.

NOTES;i did not have a camera for each spider so i googled the pictures.

my spider pet 3

my pet spider 2

2011-07-01 23:34:46 by R-4347

this is my other pet spider this one is a disert spider from iraq

my pet spider 2